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Worried About Online Scams

CAUTIOUS NEW YEAR: Be aware of scams of 2022 that will continue into 2023

The reason that Canadians of all ages will continue to be victimized by these four common scams in 2023 is because they work. Recognize them and be better protected in 2023:

Emergency Scams: Emails and frequently late night telephone calls explain that a loved one needs medical, or legal, or transportation assistance – and that money is required immediately.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Scams: Scammers pose as CRA collections staff and call claiming your taxes have not been fully paid. Threat is often “Pay immediately or you’ll be arrested”.

Sextortion: Scammers pose as suitors to obtain compromising images of the victim, then demand money or the images will be shared online. Victims can be of any age, but young people are particularly vulnerable and become most desperate.

Bank Investigation Scams: Yes, this surprisingly transparent scam continues. Criminals posing as bank employees try to enlist your help with an internal branch investigation that requires you make withdraws, transfers, or gift card purchases in order to gather evidence. You’ll be asked to “tell no one else about your secret participation, not even the police”.

To better protect yourself, read Sergeant Bob’s C.P.R. “First Aid” for Potential Fraud Victims and learn more about the most recent scams and frauds by visiting The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


Summer vs. Winter Tires

IMPORTANT: It’s time for winter tires

Preparing to drive south this winter? If you’re not interested in the added expense of a second set of tires and rims, changeover and storage, All Weather tires may be the ideal solution. With their improved performance, All Weather tires are growing in popularity among mature drivers. There are three factors to consider with the All Weather tire segment:

  1. To qualify for auto insurance discounts and some provincial regulations, All Weather tires must carry the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (TPMSF) symbol. It means they meet strict performance specifications and are designed for use in severe snow conditions. And most auto insurance companies specify four tires must be installed and maintained November through April.
  2. If you must drive in severe winter conditions or live in a snow belt area, there’s no substitute for a 100% dedicated winter tire. However, if you have to option to stay off the road in terrible conditions All Weather TPMSF tires may work for you.
  3. All Weather tires typically wear faster than other tire categories due to compounds that allow low temperature adhesion and durability in summer heat. Like all car and light truck tires, tire life will also depend on vehicle type, terrain, driving habits, etc.

And remember: tire supply and appointments will be in high demand starting in late October / early November, so it’s best to think about your tire options long before winter arrives!


Aggressive Sales Person

IMPORTANT: Aggressive charitable donation requests

If you’re comfortable donating to a legitimate non-profit, continue. However, if you are approached by an aggressive or unscrupulous organization, follow Sergeant Bob’s easy two step program before donating your money or sharing any financial information:

  1. When approached by an organization, ask for the registered name (both spelling and abbreviations) and most importantly, their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charitable registration number.
    • Visit and search for the List of Charities.
    • Ensure the organization is REGISTERED, not fraudulent, under review, penalized, suspended or cancelled.
    • Entering the charitable registration number under “Advanced search” yields a faster, more accurate search than the name.
  2. If approached by an organization in person, by phone, online or via mail, follow Sergeant Bob’s tried and true C.P.R. test, and stop the discussion IMMEDIATELY if you feel:
    • C – Confused… about the organization, where your money is actually going, payment plans, etc.
    • P – Pressured… about the need for your contribution and by the guilt of not donating.
    • R – Rushed… into quickly donating, sharing PIN information, eliminating your research time.

If you “smell a rat”, confirm your suspicions and hep protect yourself by following Sergeant Bob’s, C.P.R. “First Aid” for Potential Fraud Victims.

  • We are very proud to work with retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson, and help promote his tireless efforts on behalf of the personal safety and security of all Canadians 50-plus. Like Sergeant Bob, we’re here for your protection.


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