Don't gamble with your safety. The stakes are too high.

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Sergeant Bob Paterson


The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. and The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc.

Mailing Address: 401 The West Mall, Suite 715, Toronto, Ontario M9C 5J5
Telephone: 416-695-1010
Fax: 416-695-1012
  • We are very proud to work with retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson, and help promote his tireless efforts on behalf of the personal safety and security of all Canadians 50-plus. Like Sergeant Bob, your protection is our priority.


    Established in 1992, The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. is an independent insurance broker who is proud to work with a number of trusted Canadian insurers. Together with our life and health arm, The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. we are nationally licensed insurance brokers specializing in the design and distribution of products and services to large affinity groups across Canada. Along with exceptional partners like CARP, the country’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians, we are dedicated to providing innovative insurance solutions that meet the needs of Canadians 50-plus.

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