Don't gamble with your safety. The stakes are too high.

Safe Driving Tips


WINTER’S HERE: Get The Right Tires For Your Vehicle And Driving Needs

  1. Dedicated Winter Tires: The greatest winter performance in snow, ice, temperatures below 7˚ and wet surfaces. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, four dedicated winter tires are recommended from November to April in Canada.
  2. All Season Tires: An option if driving is limited to urban areas and moderate winters, if tire change-over/storage is not an option, or you’re a snowbird driving south.
  3. Summer Only Tires: Unsuitable for cold temperatures, wet, slilppery, snowy conditions.

Winter Driving Tips

Understand the special conditions that put drivers at risk during the winter.


R.I.D.E. Spot Checks

Make transportation plans and think about a safe approach to R.I.D.E. spot checks.


Putting an End to Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers on the road can be as dangerous as drivers who are impaired.


The Acid Test

When should a senior driver hang up the keys? Here are some points to consider.


Avoid “A-Pillar” Blind Spot Collisions

While an A-Pillar supports your vehicle’s roof, it has the potential to obscure your sightlines.


Child Car Seat Safety

A few practical tips can help a good driver transport children in a safe manner.


Stopped Emergency Vehicles

When traffic allows, drivers must change lanes to give room to emergency vehicles.


Snowbirds Who Choose to Drive South

Southbound drivers know the routine, but a safety review can help to smooth the way.


Distracted Driver Warning

The results of using a cell phone while driving are just a frightening as impaired driving.


Traffic Roundabouts

Roundabouts are becoming more common in Canada, and they really aren’t complicated.


Adjust Your Sideview Mirrors

Just minor adjustments to your mirrors will result in many important safety benefits.


School Bus Back-To-School Refresher

Be extra careful and obey the laws to avoid a traffic violation or school bus collision.


These safety tips are for informational purposes only. Following them may decrease, but will not eliminate, risk of loss. Neither The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. or The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any use of these tips.

  • We are very proud to work with retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson, and help promote his tireless efforts on behalf of the personal safety and security of all Canadians 50-plus. Like Sergeant Bob, your protection is our priority.


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