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Seasonal Safety Tips


Staying Warm In A Winter Blackout

During the winter, a wide-spread electrical interruption can transform from a minor inconvenience into a major health and safety risk. As temperatures drop, many may look to portable indoor heaters for relief. It’s a logical consideration, but care and caution must be the priority. Let’s look at a few basic safety tips concerning temporary heating:

  • Whether fueled by gasoline, natural gas, propane, kerosene, coal or wood, combustion results in oxygen being consumed and carbon monoxide being created.
  • Obvious indoor killers are running gas/diesel generators, gas or wood BBQ’s, unvented fuel powered heaters, poorly maintained fire places, and running automobiles. Even candles can be a risk, but a few closely monitored candles are acceptable. A fire risk remains while candles are burning so don’t go to sleep with them lit, and always place them in safe places.

Portable Heaters - The newest portable propane or kerosene powered heaters have technology such as carbon monoxide, low oxygen, tip over sensors, etc. However, never go to sleep with one running, or use one indoors for an extended period. Always keep a window cracked to allow for fresh oxygen flow.

Outdoor Gas / Diesel Generators - This may be the more practical option. If the generator is “hard-wired” into the building’s circuitry you’ll need a professional for safe installation. Running a temporary extension cord from a generator into a building to power a small electrical heater, light, etc. is an option. This will work well if the generator is away from the building - not in an attached garage - and you can seal the area around where the cord enters the building.

Regardless of your comfort strategy, be careful about fuel storage and transportation! And be sure to always have a working carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector correctly placed in residential situations.

Cottage Security & Personal Safety

Keep yourself, your family, and your investment safe, in summer, or off-season.


Staying Warm in a Winter Blackout

During the winter an electrical interruption can become a major health and safety risk.


Safe Summer Driving

Ensuring the safety of the driver, occupants and the vehicle itself is no accident.


School Bus Back-To-School Refresher

Be extra careful and obey the laws to avoid a traffic violation or school bus collision.


These safety tips are for informational purposes only. Following them may decrease, but will not eliminate, risk of loss. Neither The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. or The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any use of these tips.

  • We are very proud to work with retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson, and help promote his tireless efforts on behalf of the personal safety and security of all Canadians 50-plus. Like Sergeant Bob, your protection is our priority.


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